Well, here we go again…

A second post – more for having something here than any other reason.  I have been posting a lot over at the Lyceum, so that leaves me with little time to post here, and not much left to say…  I suppose, I’ll start using this blog to post rants about economics, politics, and other crimes.

In the meantime, I tend to avoid making new year’s resolutions, but this year I am making a commitment to lose 45 pounds.  I weigh 235 now, and want to be down to 190 by new year’s day 2009.  That’s not too terribly difficult, less than a pound a week – as long as I keep up the effort for the whole year.

While I am going to pay more attention to what I am eating, I am not going to worry about how much I am eating (within limits, of course – if I notice that the amount I eat is going up significantly to the point my weight-loss stalls, then I’ll cut back!).  I have found that for me, I tend to lose weight in proportion to the amount I exercise, so I am going to make time to exercise at least a little every day, with at least three days a week of mild aerobic fat-burning exercise.  We’ll see how that works out.

That’s about it for now-

ex animo


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