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Fall Quarter

Posted in Personal Notes on 28 September 08 by Felicis

Annnnnnnnd – here we go!  Fall quarter starts on Monday.  I think all will be well.  I have classes prepared for teaching, and I think the courses I am taking will be pretty straightforward…  We’ll see.  I’m going to try to keep a regular posting schedule here and at the Lyceum.

ex animo


Why Government?

Posted in Politics on 23 September 08 by Felicis

I was commenting on a post over at En Tequila Es Verdad, and one of the (many) random thoughts that occurred to me was to toss out the question that has been sitting in my mind for quite a while, “What is government supposed to do? Continue reading

Back again before Fall Quarter.

Posted in Random Commentary on 05 September 08 by Felicis

It’s nice to read an old post where I weigh 235, and note that today I weighed 219!  I suppose that it was from early January, although I notice that there isn’t a date on any of my posts!  How annoying. Continue reading