The Start of Winter Quarter

And we are poised to begin hitting the winter on Monday.  Classes begin, both to be taught and to be taken.

And what shall I talk about here?  Well – as there doesn’t seem to be any interest in my ramblings (though thank you – three mysterious strangers that have popped in the last few weeks…)  I’ll probably find something so that I can post more for myself (until I find an audience, that  is…)

So – One thing I am doing is following the guidelines of “The Well Educated Mind” by Susan Bauer:  I am educating myself by reading.  I have a collection of books that I plan to go through  – and as part of the method is to keep a notebook; I’ll do that here.  I’ll probably have one post a week or so, and will start tomorrow with “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

And…  I suppose I can chronicle the rest of my self-improvement here as well…

Physically, I am going to continue my work at the gym and work on my running.  I plan on running a half-marathon again this year, as well as some 5K and longer races – with the goal of improving my time from last year.  I also want to work on overall health and fitness, and so am going to do some other exercises as well.

Tonight, Jackie and I are going to see, “The Color Purple”, so we’ll see how that goes – perhaps I will make it my first post rather than Dawkins’ book.

For more on my PhD program, take a look at the Lyceum Mathematikoi – I’ll be posting there weekly as well.

That’s about it for now.

ex animo


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