One Week Down!

The first week of classes is over and done – just nine more…  (And an additional five years past that!)

I finished two books this week, “Terrier”, a fantasy novel by Tamora Pierce. It was entertaining enough, though there’s a bit of a language learning curve to get past. Ms. Pierce uses a lot of ‘local color’ in her characters’ speech, which can sometimes make it difficult to understand what is going on as much as it adds to the verisimilitude of the story…

I must say that I tend to agree with XKCD on this one, though in this case, the story is very good, and I am looking forward to more by Tamora Pierce. I understand that there is another series that takes place in the same world, but follows a descendent of Bekah Cooper, the protagonist of “Terrier”.  There’s not a lot of depth to the book, but a ton of fun!

The other book I finished is “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.  His aim (as described in the preface) is to offer a book to the believer who is actively questioning his faith, a book that might answer the question, “Why not abandon religion altogether”.

In this case, I have seen most of the arguments both way before, but Mr. Dawkins illustrates his case with plenty of quotes from other people, and follows a winding path with many interesting side-trails and diversions that entertain as well as edify.

Because I really want to get to the crux of his argument, and to understand it.  I’m going to spend some time re-reading “The God Delusion”, taking notes and analyzing his argument further.  There were a few points in the text where I thought Mr. Dawkins was over-reaching a bit, but it could be that I didn’t quite see his point.  Expect some more posts on “The God Delusion” over the next few weeks.

That’s about it for now – next post in one week (or sooner!).

ex animo


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