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Posted in Books, Personal Notes on 27 January 09 by Felicis

It’s been a rough week – I did read another book, but am not really interested enough to write a report on it.  The book is “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson, and is actually quite good – an well written and entertaining history of science, but if you go from the big-bang to modern biology, well… You’ve covered ‘Nearly Everything’. Mr. Bryson has some great stories about some of the more colorful characters in science – a lot of the guys in the 1800’s were wild!

Anyways – not enough time to get back to “The God Delusion”, and now I have to return it to the library.  Oh well.  I will be working my way through E.T. Bell’s “Men of Mathematics” next, which is also a library book, though not in nearly as high demand.  The nice aspect is that I’ll be able to do a series of short pieces instead of one long report!

That’s about it for now.

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The Start of Winter Quarter

Posted in Personal Notes on 04 January 09 by Felicis

And we are poised to begin hitting the winter on Monday.  Classes begin, both to be taught and to be taken.

And what shall I talk about here?  Well – as there doesn’t seem to be any interest in my ramblings (though thank you – three mysterious strangers that have popped in the last few weeks…)  I’ll probably find something so that I can post more for myself (until I find an audience, that  is…)

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Our Horrible Economy

Posted in Personal Notes, Politics, Random Commentary on 23 December 08 by Felicis

This is from my TIAA-CREF retirement account (and it’s the one in the best shape – it’s also the only one that conveniently lets me know how much I’ve contributed total:

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Fall Quarter

Posted in Personal Notes on 28 September 08 by Felicis

Annnnnnnnd – here we go!  Fall quarter starts on Monday.  I think all will be well.  I have classes prepared for teaching, and I think the courses I am taking will be pretty straightforward…  We’ll see.  I’m going to try to keep a regular posting schedule here and at the Lyceum.

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