Why Government?

Posted in Politics on 23 September 08 by Felicis

I was commenting on a post over at En Tequila Es Verdad, and one of the (many) random thoughts that occurred to me was to toss out the question that has been sitting in my mind for quite a while, “What is government supposed to do? Continue reading


Back again before Fall Quarter.

Posted in Random Commentary on 05 September 08 by Felicis

It’s nice to read an old post where I weigh 235, and note that today I weighed 219!  I suppose that it was from early January, although I notice that there isn’t a date on any of my posts!  How annoying. Continue reading

I’m Going to Be a Doctor!

Posted in News on 09 February 08 by Felicis

Go me!  I am now officially in the PhD program at Portland State University!  I will be getting my degree in Mathematical Sciences, which is really more of an applied math degree which includes focus in an ‘allied field’.  In my case, the allied field will be biology.

Right now, I am still trying to juggle all of the time requirements for the program, being a TA, and trying to make sure that I still write for both the Lyceum and this blog!  As I haven’t got many (any?) readers here, I am not going to put a lot into  this site yet, but I will do so in the future – as well as getting my websites up and running…  I have the domain names registered, now I just need to find a host and produce some content!

That’s it for now- it’s late and I’m tired.



Well, here we go again…

Posted in Random Commentary on 04 January 08 by Felicis

A second post – more for having something here than any other reason.  I have been posting a lot over at the Lyceum, so that leaves me with little time to post here, and not much left to say…  I suppose, I’ll start using this blog to post rants about economics, politics, and other crimes.

In the meantime, I tend to avoid making new year’s resolutions, but this year I am making a commitment to lose 45 pounds.  I weigh 235 now, and want to be down to 190 by new year’s day 2009.  That’s not too terribly difficult, less than a pound a week – as long as I keep up the effort for the whole year.

While I am going to pay more attention to what I am eating, I am not going to worry about how much I am eating (within limits, of course – if I notice that the amount I eat is going up significantly to the point my weight-loss stalls, then I’ll cut back!).  I have found that for me, I tend to lose weight in proportion to the amount I exercise, so I am going to make time to exercise at least a little every day, with at least three days a week of mild aerobic fat-burning exercise.  We’ll see how that works out.

That’s about it for now-

ex animo

First Post

Posted in Uncategorized on 21 November 07 by Felicis

And we’re off. Although I may not be posting much *here*… A group of us in the mathematics department at Portland State University will be soon creating a blog of our own- and perhaps I will use this one for other things…

ex animo